The choice of camera, the prevalence of skater-owned footwear, and the fact that we’re getting treated to the luxury of knowing whose part we’re watching may bring you back to simpler times, but rest assured the skateboarding in this Seattle masterpiece is incredible by any modern standards. If anything, the two fucked up handrail to ledge clips in Greg Dehart’s part or even the way Simon Bannerot seamlessly goes from gliding backtail 360s on ledges to flying out of bowls like it’s the new Antihero video makes you feel like you’ve taped into the future. A confusing future where if you’re good at skating you’re good at all of it, and where if you can grind massive handrails it doesn’t matter if some of them spit you out onto dry, dusty ledges. One where Lakais and Analog beanies give you all sorts of skate-related superpowers.

Filmed and edited by Kevin Stake.