Emerica – Dispatch

Why is it that when you get to a certain level of hucking, say for people like Kevin Baekkel or Matisse Banc for instance, there seems to be some weird correlation between the level of risk involved in their stunts and their productivity? Like why is it that the guys that approach skating in a way that can land them in situations such as this one are the ones churning out the most footage? You’d think grinding 20-stair handrails or chucking yourself down massive gaps would warrant way more chill time/celebratory benders between clips…
Anyway here’s Matisse and Kevin’s first few minutes of 2023 skateboarding output – I’d be shocked if we didn’t get another 15 from each of them before the end of the year. It comes served with a selection of clips from the various other adrenaline junkies Emerica have scattered around Europe (could easily have listed Ulph at the top there with those two), and a messed-up line from a visiting Braden Hoban. Enjoy!

Thumbnail by Sam Ashley.