Less than a year after his liquid skateboarding started doing the rounds (with his part in Troposphere’s Expansion), Aleksi Suovaara is back, this time with a solo project supported by Vans, and once again we can’t get enough of it! It’s one thing to produce a great part by sticking to a very safe trick selection, it’s a whole other to choose to film 360 pressure flips, late bigspins and tre flips out of smithgrinds, and to not just get away with them, but to make them feel like a stroke of genius. And obviously looking so light on his feet helps, as does the impeccable posture, but really what it comes down to here is that he makes it all seem so playful: the moves you’d on paper consider a bit suss, the tech grind-to-manual tricks, the smooth noseslides/tailslides he’ll sit on until he’s enjoyed every inch of the ledge, and all the surprises in between.

Filmed and edited by Teemu Metsäkylä.