Levon Conkin – A St.Losers Short

Love a part where it feels like almost every spot has a story to tell. How did they find that manual pad hidden amongst the rubble of a crumbling derelict building? What was the original purpose of that janky bit of wood wobbling against those stairs? What the hell is Optimist International?! And it’s not even like you necessarily need answers… It’s more about the mystery from the previous clip still being there, lingering in your mind, as the next one pops onto your screen, and how that locks you in. Suddenly nothing else matters, all you want is to be teleported to St.Louis with a rub brick to find a chunky ledge to grind into one of those little sandpaper-coated slopes.

10/10 filming and editing by Gabe Kehoe.

Supported by Infinity Skateshop.