Shamus McDonough in ‘Devil’s Pocket’

Now time for one that keeps you guessing! Philly’s Shamus McDonough landed himself the last part in Jake Todd’s Devil’s Pocket with a collection of footage which is highly unpredictable, just as entertaining, and in a way even a little bit confusing. On the one hand, he’s giving you some real wildcard energy, hucking the most improbable flip tricks from one corner of your screen into a poor, rattly cellar door, on the other so much of it feels really considered. Almost as if throughout the filming process he was torn about what to do with his special powers. ‘Hey I’ve got an idea for a line at this spot that connects this crusty bank with… Actually scrap that, I’m just going to jump off this bus stop.’ Love it.

Filmed and edited by Jake Todd.

Cop the DVD here courtesy of our friends at Theories of Atlantis.

Thumbnail image by Dakota Mullins.