Victor Campillo – Z1

You’ve read the title, you already know that little blond ponytail is about to spin out of all sorts of mental ledge to manual combos, and that within seconds you’ll be asking yourself what you’re doing living anywhere but the land of pastis, calanques and endless shiny granite plazas, so I’ll try to keep this one short. The main thing you need to know here is that this is an extract from a heavy Marseille vid Miguel Costabel has been sitting on for a little while (hence the absence of Ns on Victor’s shoes), and that you’ll be able to enjoy Z1 in full next week on this very website. The other is that if you ever find yourself in the beautiful Cité Phocéenne we urge you to check out the Cours Julien, first and foremost because it’s an excellent place for drinking delicious cervezas, but also because just to your right as you exit the metro you’ll be able to appreciate for yourself just how wild that bs 180 at 1:57 truly is. Because honestly, you can slow-mo it, or even watch it frame by frame, forcing yourself to remember with every tap of the keyboard that he’s flying backwards into the moving traffic of a 4-way junction, whatever, nothing other than standing on at the top of that hill will ever do that thing justice. It’s like Chris Pfanner levels of fucked in terms of the distance there is to clear but then Tom Knox levels of impossible navigation in terms of getting to the ‘kicker’ and where it shoots you. It makes no sense.