Poetic Collective: > NOW <

Since its inception in 2015, Poetic Collective has frequently been indulging us with numerous enticing video projects, and 2023’s NOW is no exception.  Filming for NOW began in the spring of 2022, as Mr Precision from Finland aka Aleksi (whom you might recognise from this and more recently this) and Norwegian boy wonder Gabriel (whom you might recognise from this or this) joined the team. Throughout the year the crew went from Malmö to Copenhagen and also travelled to Berlin, where they added Daniel and Caro to the roster, – so, along with Swede Eliott Toiminen and the Dutch(wallie)master Sebas, who just joined the lineup quite recently, you have a somewhat different squad since their last video offering CLOUDS. Poetic has expanded its wings: “not just a Swedish brand with all Scandinavian riders” says the non-existent motto, ha ha. But yeah, the Collective is quite international now, as no doubt you’ll see. Not to worry though, the Poetic OGs have a presence in this vid as well (get well soon Moa and Helena!) and Qamuel has the last part (with his patented no-comply to bluntslides and slappy back lips included)! But NOW can be seen as somewhat of an introduction to the latest additions to the Poetic Collective crew: new year, new squad and all that jazz… At 21 minutes it’s well worth your time, believe us.

NOW features: Gabriel Bjørsvik, Simon Kallkvist, Carolina Gamboa, Daniel Pannemann, Aleksi Suovarra, Eliott Toiminen, Samuel ‘Qamuel’ Norgren, Moa Zander, Helena Long, Santiago Sasson, Klas Andersson, Dylan Fluchter, Peter Johansson, Tom Botwid, Johan Bergljund & Sebastiaan Vijverberg.

Filmed by Markus Bengtsson and Tom Botwid

Additional filmers: see the credits.