Spitfire Wheels – Avant Garde

Our beloved Luc Mazières sure has come a long way! It’s crazy to think that his first project was just 3 years ago and that he’s now out there making videos for established brands like Spitfire. And obviously it helps that he was sitting on some particularly exquisite Léo Cholet footage and that Vincent Milou seems to be going extra HAM in his new stripes, but the progression in terms of filming/editing is undeniable. Loved his use of slowmo (which you won’t hear us say often), he managed to make 10 minutes feel like 3 (despite the songs being relatively slow for the most part), and the whole thing is surprisingly cohesive, which is not an easy task when you have to use a bunch of clips submitted by other filmers and some of the guys you’re featuring don’t necessarily skate together regularly. So yeah S/O to Lucci the lej, keep them coming mate!

Featuring Noah Mahieu, Vincent Milou, Léo Cholet, Amélien Foures, PJ Chapuis, Mika Germond, Matisse Banc, Lucien Gourdal, Marca Barbier, Victor Pellegrin, William Monerris, Sengo Prevost, Flo Mirtain, Hugo Corbin and Tim Débauché.