Michael Mackrodt – Catch Of The Day

Michael Mackrodt is a name that for almost two decades now has been synonymous with masterfully thought-out lines and trips  (usually with Guillaume Perimony) to beautiful corners of the globe you wouldn’t necessarily associate with skateboarding. Kenya, Peru, Ivory Coast, Taiwan, Tunisia… You name it. If humans live there, he’s probably waxed something. You’d click, know you’re not going to recognise anything he’s skating, stay glued to the screen for the entirety of the show, long for a distant four-wheeled adventure of your own, and then get back to your business. But not this time.
This time the pair decided to take it back to where it all started for Michi: Paris. A city that for years has been up there as one of the most skated and documented in the world, yet watching this part you’d struggle to recognise more than a handful of spots. And the ‘problem’ is that they all look incredible. There’s no escaping it: you simply can’t watch this and not feel guilty about all the ‘why is this place so shit for skating?!’ winges you’ve inevitably subjected your mates to at some point. Plus it’s not just that they went deeper into the suburbs than ever, it’s also that they found smart ways to hit the ‘that’s almost something…’ bits that had been overlooked or forgotten by everyone else. The shadow of Perim turbo crab-walking across that giant, slippery marble disk instantly gives you a good idea of just how much they must have racked their brains for this one, and the fun they must have had doing so. Looks like someone’s going to be up all night on Street View again…

Also, if you’re wondering what shoes he’s skating: www.fishinglinesworldwide.com

Thumbnail photo by Guillaume Périmony.