GROM: Jérôme Sossou for Ace Trucks

Although it’s common to poke fun at groms and give them a little shit (I know I had to put up with it from the older guys at the skate shop when I was young!) it’s really the groms that grow up to be the best skaters. Think: Tom Knox, Austyn Gillette, Mark Suciu, Ben Raemers… That early dedication, focus, and tough skin acquired from fending off the insults really pays off if you can stick with skating into adulthood. So knowing that Jérôme is called Grom, I know he’s destined for greatness. And that’s not just because of his nickname, I saw Jérôme for the first time in 2018, at the Das Days weekend in Paris, and he really impressed me. Each spot of the weekend he kept winning money at each best trick event. From that moment on, I remembered the name Jérôme Sossou.

So years later Jérôme has landed a spot on the Ace Trucks team whilst simultaneously sending a resounding message to everyone: embrace your inner grom!

Filmed and edited by Elliott Bonnabel.