Felipe Munhoz – Devaneios

Just like with rise to fame of your favourite hip-hop group, one of the best things about the CPTMAFIA beginning to blow up has been watching individual members work on personal projects and slowly but surely start to get the recognition each of them deserve. Hearing whispers of Leo B potentially getting on Chocolate (following his Leozinho part) for instance has been super exciting… As has seeing Leo F get picked up by Uma, or even just how much him and Lucas have been doing with Ace… But more recently it’s Felipe Munhoz that’s been turning heads, notably making waves in NYC (where he’s been seemingly been out filming with Naquan Rollings) and now dropping this heavy section by Bruno Dox. And I’m not sure if Devaneios – which translates to ‘daydreams’ – is meant to be a reference to the some of the farfetched trick ideas he somehow brings to life in this one (bigspin Spanish grind?!) or a nod to his wider ambitions of travelling and being able to dedicate himself full time to his passion (which he also clearly seems to be in the process of manifesting), but it definitely feels like a pretty fitting title!