Get ready for 20+ minutes of Filoko and his gang of Chileans spot seekers on the loose in Barcelona (predominently), with a little help from a few familiar faces from the Al Carrer vids. It’s raw, it’s unpredictable, the filming is all over the place at times, but it’s all highly entertaining!

Featuring Sergio Salgado, Ronald Ramirez, Luis Galleguillos, Jorge Silva, Marcelo Morales, Matias Chacon, Esteban Madel, Bastian Nunez, Claudio Donoso, German Pino, Cristobal Roco, Pablo Marquez, Clemente Corral, Mario Luraschi, Victor Porras, Akira Utida, Felipe De Carvalho, Tallys Marcos, Leonardo Favaro, Ricardo Lisboa, Matheus Du Bronks and Sebastian Felini.