Palace Skateboards – BETA BLOCKERS

Three parts in you’re already thinking about how fucked up good this new-gen Palace team is. Halfway in you’re like ‘okay they could genuinely end it here now with Kyle pushing through these pigeons to 2Pac and it would already feel like one of the best vids of the year’. Then you get reassured that all your favourite usual suspects are in there (along with a bunch of cameos ranging from Snelling to Billy Rohan), and by the time it gets to Shawn Powers (fave footage since Caviar) you’re fully expecting it to be the curtains section, slowly preparing yourself to run back Ville’s Stockwell stair annihilation because it was way too much for your little fried brain to properly take in the first time… But no: instead they sound the alarm for a surprise East Coast Chewy part by having Waka Flocka scream 10 seconds of the Gangbanging At Ground Zero anthem at you, and before you know it you’ve rushed out of the house to push switch as fast as you can at everything you see like some kind of demented headless chicken on wheels. Funny how a skateboard video filmed on clunky 40+ year-old cameras can make you lose your shit.

Filmed by Jack Brooks, Morph and Austin Bristow.

Edited by Lev Tanju.