Hermann Stene’s ‘Lille Rotta’ part

It’s been seven years since Hermann’s Free part, and suffice to say the young Norwegian is not slowing down. The proof is in the pudding with this new part by Pekka Løvås.

A little info on the last trick from Pekka: ‘He went there ten times over the span of three years to try that tre flip (and each time at least two hours trying), and he caught it so good every single time… I’m sure he had that thing under his feet a thousand times before he finally put it down. There’s been some stuff that went down over it before… I don’t even know if tre flip is the craziest, but it’s definitely the best looking one I think. It was so high and he caught it so good.’ You got that right mate!

Filmed and edited by Pekka Løvås

Thumbnail photo shot by Sam Ashley