A new one by Arthur Ducat out of the enchanting city of Annecy, in France, which is guaranteed to make you want to push as hard as you can and feel some friction on those trucks.

Featuring Julie Betrix, Augustin Desire, Kierian Gauthier, Gauthier Perillat, Arthur Ducat, Sanders Shein, Isman Sandoval, Matheo Orlando, Ismael Lounes, Zach Smith, Lucien Genand, Remy Monier, Lilian Fev, Augustin Fabvier and Aidan Chung.

Filmed by: Arthur Ducat, Gauthier Perillat, Kierian Gauthier, Julie Betrix, Matheo Orlando, Raoul Barberis, Elliot Bonnabel, Sylvain Genand