Conor Charleson’s Slight Inclination

In the context of us existing in a culture where for so many years not caring (or pretending not to care) was the epitome of cool it brings me a lot of joy to see the king of keen winning. Visiting London for a couple weeks to skate but don’t really know anyone? Don’t worry, Conor’s already been speaking to all the filmers and thinking up spots for you before you’ve even touched down. Tempted to get out of the house even though it’s clearly looking a bit bleak out there? Yup, he’s already got a whole plan in place that will spark something out of nothing no matter how damp the desperation session. Never before has a human been so absorbed by his own craft and never before has a craft been so intimately tied with hurling one’s limp carcass at walls. It’s his niche, that he’s carved, yet you can instantly tell none of it comes easy for him, and you almost don’t want it to, because that’s exactly why his footage is so good at making you feel things. Plus he’s got a banging 360 flip 🙂
Shoutout Dan Magee for directing/editing the project and to Will Boardman, Michael Boardman, Trevor Owens, Harry Deane, Brayden Slezak, Jimmy Silver, John Marello, Daniel Wheatley, Naoise McCarthy, Tyler Youd, Nick Hanson, Sirus Gahan and Grant Dawson for standing by his side for the various meltdowns. It came out great!

Thumbnail image by Rafski.