Javi de Pedro’s ‘Black Lodge’ Part – Cleaver Skateboards

It’s always nice to be reminded that the legacy of Spain’s plaza OGs is alive and well, even outside of Madrid and Barca. MUVIM has been the hub for Valencia’s scene for years now and with every bit of footage coming out of there it’s more and more apparent that it’s played a huge role in shaping – not just how tight that community has become – but the skaters themselves and their skill sets. And obviously, this happens everywhere (think SB and how Chewy/Twiggy skate) but witnessing the evolution of Javi de Pedro’s pop-out game, up to the point where he’s now doing mid-ledge big spin Pupeckis and fakie 5-0ing the second level the hard way, has been pretty fucking nuts.
Anyway, this Twin Peaks-inspired Black Lodge part (by Roberto Marcelli) is here before you to welcome Javi to Diego Bucchieri’s Cleaver Skateboards, and if like us the prospect of a full vid with both this guy and Eze Martinez brings you joy, then please consider checking out their stuff and supporting them.