Matheus Mendes – For The Children

One of the best things about the Brazilian scene – aside from just how much excellent skateboarding it blesses us with each year– is this overwhelming feeling that they all want each other to ‘win’. And yes, I’m aware that this is probably going to sound a bit cliché but going off all the homie video submissions we’ve received from people like Rodrigo TX, Yuri Facchini, Rodrigo Petersen or Tiago Lemos there is just a level of solidarity and intergenerational support that’s kind of unique to it. We don’t exactly get messages from Koston or Rowley (or any other big non-Brazilian pros) trying to plug their mate’s edits… Like ever. Which is a shame!
Anyway, the latest example of this is For The Children, a new part from 14-year-old Matheus Mendes submitted by Cezar Gordo (one of the 3 Brazilians on the early SB program), which from the get-go is all smiles, perfectly executed flip tricks and no push lines. And there’s even a little nod to Cezar’s trick selection in there! The kid’s clearly already winning.

Filmed and edited by his father Wallace Belo.