Cage Theory

Filmed in Boorloo (aka Perth), Western Australia between 2021-2023, Cage Theory by Rowan White is quite the accomplishment. I say this because having visited Perth 10 years ago and most of the spots I skated there are now unskateable. Firstly the security guard situation there is a major problem, as you’ll see in this vid. Secondly, I went on to Google Street View recently and looked around in Perth’s central business district only to find knobbed spots absolutely everywhere. It was really hard to find one ledge or bank without. Not only does Perth hold the the title for the world’s most remote city (of 1 million people population), but I’d say it needs an award for the most skatestoppers as well (not that you’d want to reward anyone for this!). So the fact Rowan and crew made an 18-minute video filmed primarily in Western Australia (there are a few Melbourne clips) is truly noteworthy to say the least. On top of this, Rowan filmed this video whilst attending medical school full-time. And the online release of this video coincides with Rowan’s first week working as a certified doctor. Well done Rowan!

Featuring: Sylvain Tognelli, Rowan White, Luca Prestini, Matt Archer, Tyson May, Shaun Paul, Aidan McGarry, Jack Todd, Alec Stook, Khai Nielsen, Carlos Lemus, Brendon Cross, Phillip Marshall, Jeb Sun, Hunter Robson, Ramsay Milne, Jordan Cotte, Flynn Jackman, Alec Stook, Sean Parker, Andrew Bloomfield, Steve Jeffries, Cameron Boden, Callum Roberts, Ziggy Williams, Blaize Gray, Max Couling, Issa Hassan, and Adam Davies

Additional Filming: Jordan Cotte, Alec Stook, James James, Jack Todd, Neihana Tonkin, Tom Bentley, Flynn Jackman, Jack Dowden, Callum Roberts