El Cerrito

When the small residential district of Cerrito de la Virgen loses its skatepark, the locals team up with the non-profit organization Concrete Jungle Foundation. Together they decide to build a new one and offer skate lessons to the youth. While the Peruvian skaters follow every little step of the build and put their knowledge into action, the local kids closely observe their role models and introduce them to their neighbourhood and its sacred mountain: ‘El Cerrito’.

‘El Cerrito’ is a film about the importance of creating shared spaces and follows a group of skaters working on their dream: a safe and educational environment for a small community in the North of Peru.

Filmed and edited by Christian Fischer

Narrator: Richard Mitchley / Sound Mixer: Gregor Rasek / Additional Camera: Jesus Rengifo, Andre Karman Sanchez / Translator: Johannes Wimmeder, Irene Parra

Featuring: Arissa Moreno Ruiz, Andre Karman Sanchez, Jhikson Akamine García, Alfonso Ventimilla Nova, Jesus Rengifo, Brayan Hilario, Emilio Rodriguez, Carmen Diaz de Gonzalez, Clément Taquet, Tim van Asdonck, Lisa Jacob, Johannes Wimmeder, Patrick Reins, Arthur Bonal, Gustavo Romero Marin, Jairo Andrés Galvis, Roxana Nuñez Fandiño

Music: Takeshi’s Cashew, Ando, Lupus, Syneshtetic Octet, Tommy Guererro, ADHD, Faltenradio, Down with the Gypsies, Suricates, The Heavy Minds