Pl34se J4cki3 aka Marseille’s manny mafia aka the crew putting out videos that make you want to party as much as they make you want to skate (🤝 Quartersnacks) is back with another banger, this time filmed between New York, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

Featuring Victor Campillo, Valentin Verd, Tony Rafanomezana, Max Wasungu, Benjamin Raitano, Thomas Leydet, Quentin Boillon, Maclyn Milsarp, Devin Sweat, Matil Brouillard, Matisse Dalfon, Branden Wren, Eric Peirera, Johnny Cumaoglu, Guillaume Berthet, Ben St. Aubin, Pierre-Edouard Grimaud, Josh Paynter and Anthony Battistini.