Igor ‘Vini’ Nobre – Relics

It was March 2022 when Pedro Raimundo of Surge Skateboard Magazine in Portugal first told us about this kid “Vini”. He said he was working on a part with him. “I think you guys will like it ;)” Pedro said, and we did. That part was “Made in A 8“, which we put out last year and also Vini had a little piece in Issue 46, which included the photo you see above, shot by Gerard Riera. “His real name is Igor Nobre, but everyone calls him Vini,” is what Roberto Aleman told us. Vini’s skills had caught the eye of Roberto as well, and landed him a spot on the Spanish Vans squad. So today here is Vini’s second part for Free, simply called: Relics. It’s filled with a bunch of crusty banks, kinked hubbas and landings onto those infamous Portuguese cobblestones, plus it’s filmed by a bunch of legends and edited by the man himself. Hope you enjoy.