Michael Brunner – Ny Lalagna Ao Aarau

Filmed almost entirely in Aarau, Michael Brunner chose to pay tribute to his roots with this one, digging deep to come up with fresh ideas for the Swiss spots he grew up skating and drawing inspiration from his Malagasy heritage for the main song. And obviously one of the best things about hometown video parts is that they tend to give a sense of how someone’s local terrain shaped their skating, which to an extent applies here: a scarcity of skateable architecture in what he described as ‘a small harmonious town of 12 km2‘ could indeed lead one to mistake three marble cylinders for a perfectly back nosebluntable ledge… But then how do you explain the fakie backside shuv to frontside crook? All the mental popping out of boardslides into nose/tailslides? The rogue footplants?!
Can’t say this one really brought us much closer to understanding the mystery that is Mikey’s wild trick selection, but at least his addition to Magnus Borderwick and Gunes Ozdogan’s board company Sensi means that we’ll have a lot more opportunities to keep trying!