It took Dylan van der Laan and this Dutch lot 3 years to make PLAYDATE. Not a completely unprecedented amount of time to put into a scene video, obviously, but still long enough to give us that warm ‘ah the kids are going to be alright’ feeling when watching. You can waaaa all you want about the sea of garbage we get fed on social media, as long crews like this continue to assemble all over the world day in day out to watch one person try a trick for three hours in hope of maybe adding 2 or 3 seconds to their homie vid, no amount of cringey YouTubers or seemingly ai generated olympic skateparks are going to ‘ruin skateboarding’. A pretty obvious statement, granted, but can’t pretend it doesn’t bring us a lot of joy every time we’re reminded of it.

Featuring Aaron Tiekink, Tom van den Hoeven, Carlos Neelis, Koye Taylor, Jamy van Holstein, Jip Koorevaar, Tjerk Oosting and Mauro Ruberto.