The PURI crew is back at it again in Tbilisi. For their third edit (after Where have all the flowers gone? and Shorty) you can see the crew is still captivated by the Georgian capital’s hills. And man, those cobbles look crusty! Along with the usual suspects there’s a couple new names in this one, David Gaziev and 17-year-old Nika Maglakelidze, to be exact. Sit back, have a watch, then grab your board and go bomb some hills.

Featuring: Roman Ivanov (Romzes), Deni Zakaev (Zakai), David Gaziev, Nika Maglakelidze, Kirill Platonov (Platon) & Igor Vorobev (Stabs).

Filmed and edited by Dmitry Kononov (Mikas)

Featured photo of Romzes shot by Ilya Kelarev (Kel)