Nike SB – Barcelona AM

So the standard of skating at this thing was absolutely ridiculous. Seems like a bit of an obvious statement when talking about an event of this scale but I honestly can’t remember the last time I witnessed skating on that level. And that’s not just the from guys that made it in this edit: almost every single dude in the comp did something insane it at one point or another. Magnus (probably 5 beers deep) kickflipped up the stairs for fuck’s sake!

Another thing we noticed is that a lot of the best European skaters (well at least the ams) seem to be slowly moving away from the stereotypical “comps aren’t cool” mindset. Obviously there were a couple energy drink hat comp killerz lurking about but the vast majority of people on the course were guys you’d usually see on street spots in magazines and videos. Guys like Casper, Didrik, Kilian or Kevin that you actually really wanted to watch skate.

The results:

1st Kevin Baekkel
2nd Killian Zehnder
3rd Jost Arens

PS: The Skate Agora skatepark built by Nike SB for the Barcelona AM is a PERMANENT installation.


Kevin Baekkel and Killian Zehnder. Deciding on which one of these two should take it must have been an absolute nightmare… Photo: Marcel Veldman.