2015 Nozbone Benchmark Contest

One of the things a lot of people (Parisians particularly) appreciate about Nozbone’s annual Benchmark contest is how accessible it is. Sure you’ll end up skating with guys like Greg Cuadrado or Oscar Candon which can be a little intimidating but pretty much anyone can enjoy trying to land 2 ledge tricks in a row . I can’t think of another high profile contest (Element and Nike do fly over dudes like Jacopo Carozzi) that feels so inclusive for the local scene. If you go to République the day before half the skaters are chatting about entering the event, which is probably part of the reason why it feels so laid back.


The “Fac” spot is incredible as it is so add to it special obstacles like this Nike SB bank to ledge thing and you’ll find yourself pushing up and down the strip until your legs give in. Here Jarne’s backside flips over the bench mid-line during the final. All photos are by Thibaulf Le Nours.



Oscar didn’t win the best trick because JP’s trick was pretty much untouchable but this ollie from before the bench into the tight bank on the left was probably the gnarliest trick that went down that Sunday.



The entire Bloby squad showed up to support Greg who came through with some of the smoothest lines of the comp.


These guys killed it all day. Managing to make the contest run smoothly regardless of the 2/3 hours written off by the weather can’t have been an easy task.



In the end Jacopo Carozzi took the 1st place , Jarne Verbruggen 2nd and Joseph Biais 3rd but for many JP Villa was the MVP, winning the Best Trick with his flip backside noseblunt and absolutely smashing it between runs and during the qualifiers.
A huge thank you to Nike Sb, Element, Levi’s Skateboarding, Nova, De Paris Year Book et Sound Pellegrino for make this happen, can’t wait for next year.