Nordic Light

A new offering from Vans showcasing some of their latest additions to the Scandinavian squad, notably 13:37 MVP Simon Hallberg, mayday queen Moa Zander and Tommi Björk, who’s special bar seems to seems to have gotten stuck on max ever since he rolled away from that cobble mountain. Dude’s got the best posture, is always going MACK 10 (yep if you’re talking about speed and skateboarding it has to be spelt ck) and every time he pops up it’s Sour video levels of unpredictability, both in terms of spots and trick ideas (that trickle down tre flip was the best shit ever).

Filmed and edited by Tom Botwid.

Additional filming by Markus Bengtsson, Mikko Björk, Tor Ström , Jacob Hansson , Adam Carlander and Peter Johansson.

Featuring Tommi Björk, Samuel Norgren, Mira Axelsson, Johan Bergljung, Nikolai Alin, Moa Zander, Oscar Säfström, Jonathan Sjöberg, Simon Hallberg, Eric Hedberg and Tom Botwid.

Music by Paul Botwid.

Thumbnail image by Justus Hirvi.