Tiago Lemos – Souljah

Beyond stoked to be hosting our favourite switch backside tailsider’s new part, especially as the 90s energy is particularly strong in this one! Between the picnic tables, the schoolyard hips, the USC and Pier 7 footage, and the slightly toned down lines – for Tiago – it kind of feels like something that could have lived in an old World vid (if Soc had a HD camera and they’d filmed one on a planet where gravity wasn’t really a thing).

It’s also worth noting that this little treat was filmed (by Eric Iwakura, Pekka Lovas, Alex Kissinger and Alan Hannon) for Souljah, which is the grip tape company of our favourite LORDZ duo, Alex Carolino and Flo Marfaing, so we’re also going to use this as an excuse to revisit this unforgettable bit of skateboarding: