Marcus Shaw for éS

Measured – that’s the word that comes to mind when thinking of Marcus Shaw and his approach to entertaining us with his skateboarding output. If he’s going to film a line with a nollie 270 sw back tail he’s not going to go and ruin it by big spin flipping out or some shit, he’s going to calmly glide one out to switch and honour Mr. Iannucci. If he wants to get a clip at a spot legendary as the Pier, he’s going to think of the last tasteful trick to tick off rather than feeling the need to one-up whatever madness the last geezer did. If he’s going to make you consider new outfit choices they’ll most likely involve gentle shades of grey or blue, ooooor – dare I say for the first time since Arto’s line in Sorry – a white pair of Accels. Nothing too flashy, nothing too desp, just 4 minutes of smooth, well-considered tech.