A new one from our friends at Orchard to honour the final days of Boston’s legendary Copley Fountain spot and clear out some of the clips that were collecting dust on Ted Purtell‘s hard drive.

Featuring Sean Evans, Shawn MacMillan, Connor Noll, Jojo Vargas, Eddie Vargas Jr., Brian Reid, Brianna Delaney, Jacob Dorn Medoff, James Derocher, Ethan Bisson, Rob Hall, Caleb Kaiser, Benny Goldman, Julien Exantus, Ismael Diallo, Matt Maydoney, Esxiel Artiles, Andrew Whittier, Cooper Qua, Leif Hauge, Alex Thebeau, Armin Bachman, Colin Slew, Tommy Colangelo, Nick Rapoza, SirMichael Burrow and Brady O’Rourke.