Leo Bodelazzi: Venture Trucks Part

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: this man knows how to pick ’em.
Last time the talk of the town was the choice of blunts he glided at various iconic locations across the globe (along with that unthinkable straight nollie at Uni). In this edition of ‘Leo Bodelazzi wins at trick selection’, the standout moves tend to involve grinding backwards through kinks, which has to be one of the most fucked up subgenres of our little pastime.
Now the switch 50-50 with that red marble wall staring at him from the ideal height to knock his front teeth out (+ the giant poles on the rollout to wrap himself around if he sticks) of course fits into this category, but it’s really the next two that are going to stay burnt in our brains for a while. Fakie ollieing into a kinked L-shaped handrail THE HARD WAY is some deeply psychotic, inconceivable shit, as is that fakie pinch through the slippery kink of the round marble blob known as ‘Blubba’. Yet they’re probably both as far as you can possibly get from a hardflip late flip or a crook back lip shuv in terms of the choices one can make with one’s skateboarding superpowers. They feel like what you’d get if you put Gabriel Rodriguez in a time machine, which is exactly what you want from someone skating Chocolate boards in 2023.