Alexey Krasniy – Cidade Esmeralda

‘We went to La Coruña (Galicia) to film some more footage for my part. On the first day at the first spot of the trip, Dima fell and slammed the camera against the ground and broke it. The sensor inside the camera – which records the red spectrum – broke, so the camera could only record green and blue spectra. We were really pissed at first, but then just decided to continue skating and filming… So be it!
That’s how we end up with this edit, filmed on a broken Panasonic camera with the weird filter, which came naturally. It was a very nice experience, that showed us that it’s better to accept what we have and keep going. If we’d stopped, this video would never have existed.’

– Alexey Krasniy.

Filmed by Dmitry Brylev.

Edited by Dmitry Brylev and Alexey Krasniy.

Supported by Vans Europe, Carhartt WIP.

La-Coruña, Galicia. August 2023.