Vans – Set In Concrete

The story of France’s thriving DIY scene, as told by its key players over weekends spent skating their creations with Victor Pellegrin, Shani Bru, Tom Belot, Hugo Westerlin, Uryann Raudet, Arno Wagner, Michael Germond, Samuel Partaix, Maya Jacquemain and Romain Covolan. It’s moving, lights a fire under your arse and generally just gives you a bit of faith in humanity/our culture as we brace ourselves for the sea of homogenised shite the 2024 Olympics are about to subject us to (>>>enter rant about the ecological and financial cost of dumping 1000+ tonnes of concrete in the centre of Paris for a skatepark that will be torn down two weeks later<<<). Guillaume Périmony does not miss.

Aaaaaand it comes with a beautiful collection of Clément Le Gall photos shot throughout the filming process (the footage of some of these will be featured in Concrete Roll, the trick-orientated follow-up to Set In Concrete coming to this Friday). Click on the gallery below to get stuck in: