Axel Cruysberghs – Paired

Let’s face it, by now watching Axel ‘lay it down with ease’ is something we’ve grown accustomed to. Not to say we’re desensitised to it, but after seeing how comfortably he bounced up and over that triple rainbow rail thing in his Programming Injection part we’ve just come to expect all sorts of controlled rail navigation when his name pops up. Which this new one by Paul Labadie of course delivers…
What we’re not so used to and fucking loved about Paired is that it gave us a bit of ‘struggle’ as he branched out. And obviously, the term is used very loosely here – we’re by no means talking Connor Charleson levels of spot wrestling – but seeing such a classically trained child prodigy giving it everything he has to just squeeze a few extra inches out of a switch shuv 5-0 (the JB way), arms flailing as he firms it through the kink… It felt different, in a good way. Same with him taking that flip blacksmith and how that whole little chunk was edited. As a viewer with your own set of personal clip-related insecurities sometimes you crave a bit of that relatability!
So yeah basically all that to say: fave Axel part to date, and we couldn’t be more stoked for him that it coincides with his first colourway on Vans (that you can treat yourself to HERE).